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Director Message

Mr.Harman Singh (Director APS)

Some think a good school means a good test score. If that’s case, we are in fine shape as we take pride in excellence. But at Apollo Public School, we see much more in our students. We see the Artist, the Tutor, the techie and the Scientist. The dancer, the writer, the skater, the swimmer and the diplomat. For every face on campus there is a singular story of accomplishment. And for most that story starts at Apollo.
Education is not just to read, write and become proficient in mathematics and the sciences. This would surely makes a person literate but not educated.
In Apollo All round development of the child is constructed to be the primary constitution of a good education and this is generally accepted as academic competence coupled with personality development. A school providing an excellent academic environment impregnated with a large number of sports and other co-curricular activities very nicely define a school providing good education.