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Best CBSE Boarding School in Delhi 2023-24

Best Sports Facilities
Well Qualified Staff and Management
Air Conditioned Hostel
World Class Hostel Facilities Available

Apollo Public School is best boarding school in Delhi for students aged 2+ to 17 years, Air Conditioned Hostel Separate for Boys & Girls. Well-furnished rooms with modern facilities, Nutritious menu prepared by dieticians and food experts. Apollo Public School offers a unique educational experience where students live on campus and are provided with both academic and residential support. Apollo Public School is a community of care, challenge and tolerance : a place where students from around the world meet, study and live together in an environment which is exceptionally beautiful, safe, culturally profound and inspiring to the young mind.

Delhi Boarding Schools 2023-24
School life is one of the most excellent period in a student’s life. Enduring companionships, life changing choices, eternal recollections and sparing ethics are all born here. Since schools serve as a staircase for a child to climb the ladder of life, it is most vital to choose the finest to ponder. Whereas there are parcel of great Boarding Schools over our country, let us look at the Boarding schools in Delhi.

When it comes to instruction in Delhi, you may find lots almost here’s scholarly structure. Varied schools, colleges and colleges are catering the instruction all through the state. Boarding Schools office is additionally very so well known within the state and government has paid their full exertion to encourage understudies to go to the Boarding Schools in Delhi that offer of course numerous seats to enlist understudies each year.

System of Education in Delhi
Delhi formally the National Capital Region of Delhi or NCT, could be a city and a union domain of India. It is bordered by Haryana on three sides and by Uttar Pradesh. Delhi’s city populace was almost 11 million, the moment most elevated in India after Mumbai, whereas the total NCT populace was around 16.8 million. Delhi’s urban region is presently considered to amplify past the NCT boundary to incorporate an assessed populace of over 26 million individuals making it the world’s second largest urban range. As of 2016 later gauges of the metro economy of its urban range have positioned Delhi either the beat or moment most profitable metro region of India. Delhi is the moment wealthiest city after Mumbai in India.

Delhi includes a education rate of 86.34%. Instruction is based on three-tier show which incorporates essential schools, taken after by auxiliary schools and tertiary instruction at colleges or other organizing of same level. Instruction Division of the Government of Delhi could be a chief body which looks into the instructive undertakings. Tertiary instruction is administrated by the Directorate of Higher Instruction.

Why Apollo Public School is Best Boarding School in Delhi?

A HOME AWAY FROM HOME– Apollo Residential School Best Boarding School in Delhi is committed to provide all modern infrastructure , hygienic and sanitized living conditions, happy and creative environment, etiquettes & grooming, balanced and nutritious diet necessary for growing children. It dedicates itself to build a character, capabilities and competence through spiritual, moral, social, physical, emotional, psychological and positive attitude.

Why we are one of India’s the Best Boarding School in Delhi

Residential Accommodations: Our Air Conditioned Hostel Separate for Boys & Girls where students live during the academic year. These accommodations are typically equipped with beds, study desks, storage space, and common areas for socializing.

Supervision and Houseparents: Trained staff members or houseparents oversee the students’ daily life in the hostels. They ensure students’ safety, well-being, and adherence to rules and routines.

Academic Excellence: Our School often prioritize rigorous academic programs, with small class sizes and experienced faculty. Students have access to libraries, study areas, and academic support services.

Structured Daily Schedule: Our Boarding school have structured daily routines that include study periods, meals, extracurricular activities, and downtime. This helps students develop time management and discipline.

Extracurricular Activities: Hostel facilities are complemented by a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as sports, arts, clubs, and community service programs. These activities promote holistic development.

Counseling and Support Services: Our boarding school offer counseling services to address students’ emotional and psychological needs. These services can include academic counseling, career guidance, and mental health support.

Community and Diversity: Students at boarding school come from diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of global awareness and cultural exchange. Many schools emphasize inclusivity and promote a strong sense of community.

Healthcare Facilities: Hostel facilities often include an on-campus health center or access to nearby medical services to ensure students’ health and well-being.

Meals and Dining Services: Our school typically provide nutritious meals in their dining facilities. Special dietary needs are often accommodated.

Parent Involvement: Parents are typically kept informed about their child’s progress through regular communication, parent-teacher conferences, and family events.

Character Development: We focus on character education, leadership development, and personal growth. Values and ethics are often integrated into the curriculum.

College Preparation: We often have dedicated college counseling programs to assist students with college applications, standardized testing, and career planning.

Recreational Facilities: Our Campus include recreational facilities like gyms, swimming pools, and sports fields for physical fitness and leisure activities.

Security Measures: Safety and security are a top priority. Schools often have strict security measures in place, including restricted access to campus and supervision.

Parent-Teacher Interaction: Regular parent-teacher meetings and updates on a student’s progress are common features of boarding schools to keep parents involved in their child’s education.

We provide a safe, caring boarding environment that enriches the lives of the students. Under the guidance of boarding management, implement procedures and proactively evaluate on various levels. These features contribute to the holistic development and well-rounded education that Apollo Public Boarding School with hostel facilities aim to provide. Keep in mind that each boarding school may have its unique approach and offerings, so it’s essential to research and visit schools to find the one that best fits your child’s needs and goals.

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