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T.V. Room

Cinema at time could be more real than reality, which is why we use the T.V. with full screen images to impart conceptual knowledge in an exciting manner.CDs; are used to teach them important concepts.

Creative Development

This is the blossoming of creativity with the help of music, dance and colours.The children’s imagination soars high as they create things.

Environment Room

This is an alternative world which helps the child to learn concepts related to the natural, physical & social environment.

Creativity Centre

Your child could be a child prodigy, you never know. The creativity centre is a place where children learn art & craft as well as participate in music & dance. We nurture their inherent talent and bring out their creativity.

Intellectual Development Room

 It helps in developing the basic intelligence of the child with the help of images, memory games, riddles and puzzles. This enhances logical thinking and solving abilities. It also improves the child’s observation power and memory.