Games & Sports

The School believes in the motto that,” A Healthy Mind resides in a Healthy Body” and encourages its students to participate in all kinds of sporting activities, be it at State ,District or Cluster Level. APS believes that sports are very important from a holistic education perspective and provide lifelong pleasure, fulfilment, relaxation, physical fitness, self esteem and fosters a team spirit. Inter school competitions include athletics, volleyball, football, handball, cricket and basketball.


 Adventure Sports

School organizes camps and activities within the campus and outside for adventure sports which includes Para-gliding, roller-skating, rappelling, wall-climbing and trekking under guidance of experts.


Unique Sports Infrastructure

·         Modern swimming pool

·         Lawn tennis courts

·         Basket-ball courts

·         Separate ground for cricket, football, hockey and handball

·         Modern gymnasium

·         Indoor games

·         Meditation, yoga, judo and karate

·         Horse ridding course

·         Roller skating

·         Confidence building: obstacle course

·         200 m athletic track

·         Shooting range

·         Amphi theatre